Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monkey Takes a Holiday

Howdy Monkeylovers!

Long time, no talkee! Busy times for the monkeymen in the monkeyhouse. Lots of bananas in the air.

Hope you've been enjoying Kung Fu Monkeyface, we've been having a ball making it. But now it's time for a pause, a respite, a big ol' banana-break if you will. The Gabester's busy putting the finishing touches on another graphic novel he's been hard at work on and so we're gonna have to put the monkey back in the cage for awhile.

We've got an epic story planned out for ol' Monkeyface and even more pages in the can, but this seems like a good point to press pause for a bit. Thanks for following along, and keep your eyes on the Monkeybunnyüberblog for news about when and where the monkey will return!

Monkeymen out!