Saturday, February 28, 2009



A thousand thanks from Team Hammer! 
Bunny Backers Rule the School!


Friday, February 27, 2009

The Hammer Will Not Fall!


This is it, Hammerheads!

The hour is at hand! We have ascended to the top position, though the very fires of hell itself are licking at our furry pink heels.

We can do this thing. And if we do, it's all thanks to you. Thank you, my friends. Your encouragement and support has made this February a very fun and fulfilling month indeed, no matter what the final result may bring.

One last goody to send you hopping down the angry pink bunny trail:

Thanks again everybody. 

Cross your fingers...


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hammer Moon

Howdy Hammerheads!Link
It's OK Corral time for the big February competition. It's been a wild and crazy ride and Team Hammer is more beat than a dead horse.

But we still got one last extry for ya before we ride off into the sunset in victory or go down in a hail of hellfire.

With the third season of High Moon digging in the spurs, what better time for our bunny to meet their werewolf?

Giddyup, pardners. We got us a showdown to get to.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Building Blue Bunnies


Okay, the bunny is pink. But I can't help myself. I have an alliteration affliction.
Somebody start me a telethon.

So, you've seen the Azure/Hammer thing that Daniel Govar and Rob Berry did, right?

I'm still in awe of this thing. It's my new desktop.

Being the bunny-wrangler-in-chief I am of course privy to all the secret steps in the creation of just this kind of masterpiece. And what fun is a secret if you don't blather it out to all your friends?

So here's a look at Dan's pencils:

And Rob's raw watercolors:

Man, each step is a really cool piece of art in it's own right.

Thanks again, guys!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Azure = The Sauce of Awesome


New Azure pages are up!

And all-around stand-up guy Daniel Govar has given us the gift of awesome by jamming with our boy Berry on some truly breathtaking Calvin/Azure art!

Pencils and computer whingzingiddydoo by Govar.
Inks and Watercolors by Berry.
Teeth-grinding talent-envy by Little.
__________________________ Link

Hammerobilia Hassemble!


It's the last Tuesday in February!
We're still the scrappy underbunny!
Still on our feet and still swinging in the final round!

What better time for a mighty montage of what has come before?

Cue "Gonna Fly Now":

Monday, February 23, 2009

Super BunnyBot Team-Up!


The fourth week!
The last hurrah!
All the marbles!
The Final Countdown!

We're in the homestretch, ladies and gents, but Team Hammer ain't slowing down!

More crossover action today with a little SuperTron/Hammer mash-up by Gabe and Rob:

Nice work fellas!

Stay tuned all week long as we do our darndest to Hammer it home!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Evolution of the Hammer - Part 4


It's Sunday in Hamtown!

The final week of the February showdown is at hand! Huzzah!

So anyway. We were talking about The Hammer and how Gabe thought he should be a bunny and he was drawing all kinds of sketches and stuff until in the end we wound up with the coo
l Calvin look you see on the scintillating screens over at Zuda right this very minute.

However, although we had the Hammer nailed down, our original plans were all elbows akimbo.

You see, Rob Berry had originally come onboard Project Hammer as the colorist. As in watercolorist. But after seeing Gabe's version of Calvin, it seemed like maybe watercolors wasn't the way to go after all. So Rob decided to take a shot at inking Gabe's pencils.

Gabe's pencils

Now here's two guys on the opposite ends of the artistic spectrum, but I think their merged styles really work well together to create something cool and different.

Rob's inks

Of course, Rob's switch to inker left us without a colorist. So we scratched our heads and tore our clothes until it finally occurred to us - why not ask Steve Steiner? 

Now as the Zuda faithful are well aware, Steve is a talented and prolific writer/artist in his own right. We weren't sure if he'd be interested in joining our little gang just to lend a hand on colors. Well, obviously, Steve said yes and Team Hammer is all the luckier for it. He really did a bang up job on the colors, knocking out the delicate balance between bubblegum pop and muted noir that really makes the pages sing.

Steve's colors

So there you have it. The evolution of The Hammer. I'm gonna link again to Gabe's awesome YouTube video that shows the whole process just 'cause I think it bears repeating:

It's been a real privilege to work with such a talented group of artists. It's weird. All four of us are very much involved in our own personal projects and weren't really looking to collaborate, but everything just fell together so naturally. It's really been a grand old time. And the big pink train of fun just keeps on rolling ...

Thanks for riding along with us so far!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Live-Action Hammer!


The casting call has gone out for the inevitable big-budget live-action Hammer feature film and after an exhaustive search and endless sessions on the casting couch we've finally found our Calvin!

Big thanks and a hearty Hammerhug to Danna Bremer for the publicity photo of Hollywood's newest hardboiled action hero!

Bunny Scratch


It's a Wabbit Weekend!

Found a few more early School sketches lying around Hamtown central and waste not want not, right? Whatever that means....

Of course, what would a harboiled bunny yarn be without the requisite hooker with a heart of gold? Here's a first look at the arresting Angie who'll have a role to play as the plot thickens.

Hammer out!

Friday, February 20, 2009



Oh, the excitement!
Oh, the glory!

Great and wonderful things keep dropping into the mailbox at Hamtown central....

Us Hammerheads are huge fans of Michael and Jason's Doctor Immortalis, so we hit 'em up to do a little crossover. And Mr. Nelsen knocked us right out of our stinkin' socks with this baby:

Not to be outdone, Hamtown's own Rob Berry stepped up his game to kick out an all-star salute to the Wonderful World of Disn-- I mean Zuda:

What a way to wind up the week!

Hammer Homages


Friday! The best day of the whole darn week!

Here we are closing out Week 3 of the competition and Team Hammer's fingernails are bitten to the quick. Oh, the agony! Aaargh, the suspense!

But jagged fingernails can't stop the art!

Since we enjoy stealing, a couple more homages from Gabe and Sam:

And from Rob:

Yeah, yeah, I know you've probably already seen this one, but it fits with my Homage theme, so there.

Bonus Quiz: Name the movies The Hammer is homaging and win the satisfaction of being a smarty-pants!

Plus, loyal Hammerhead Joe has been plugging the Hammer on his blog 'Cause I'm Bored, and he was keen enough to do up a couple Hammer homages of his own:

Somebody had to go there!

The Anvil, eh? Now there's an idea...

Thanks, Joe!

Have a good weekend, Hammerheads!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Hammisher



The time she is flying!

So what have we got for ya today?

How about a little John Romita Jr. homage that Gabe whipped up:

Yes indeedy! Here in Hamtown we wear our influences on our dirty green sleeves.