Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The End of The Hammer


Well, folks. It's a sad day in Hamtown. After much finger-pointing, name-calling and hair-pulling between the stubborn and petty members of Team Hammer we find that we are unable to continue hopping down the bunny trail together. It's simply too much of a pain in the ass. Whaddayagonnado? It was fun while it lasted.

Since the world of men will never see the conclusion of our pulse-pounding tale of bloody bunny vengeance we might as well tell you the big twist ending we had in store. It's too bad. Man, this would've really knocked everybody's socks off in context. Oh well.

Here it is. The Secret of Calvin School:

The Hammer is Sonny Bono.


Have a lovely April, Hammerheads.



  1. April Fool wind-up, yeah?

    If that was to be the true case for Calvin School, it'd be a sad day indeed for the world of webcomics...

  2. You saw right through us, James! Here in Hamtown we lean more toward stupid than clever. :)

  3. sam! why the hell didn't you tell me? deals off! no deal! i will never color bono! never never never!

    Oh wait - i refuse to color bono the U2 singer. sonny's cool i guess.