Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Breaking down The Hammer

Yes, indeedy! The Big Bunny is up and running daily over at Zuda, and Team Hammer is a hoppin' with excitement!

We're all busy bunnies here at Hamtown headquarters, but we plan to do our darndest to bring you some extra content to satisfy your Calvinist cravings in between the daily (that's right DAILY) updates over at Zuda.

Today we pull back the curtain on the inner machinations of the Hammerheads for a look at the construction of those senses-shattering screens coming at you daily. Did I mention we were updating daily?

Anyhoo, it all starts off with the layouts.

The more eagle-eyed observers among you may note that Calvin does not appear to be a bunny rabbit in the layouts. Why might this be you ask? Some secret plan? Some hidden agenda?

Perhaps. Or maybe it's just that Gabe is crazier than a shithouse rat.

I'm gonna go with number two.

Onward to the pencil stage.

As you can see from these frenzied scratchings, Gabe is clearly not in his right mind and unwilling or unable to follow even the simplest of instructions. It's sad really.

And so it moves down the line to the sage and esteemed Rob Berry who spills ink on the pages and then wipes off the leftovers with a filthy rag to expose a few white spots.

He actually gets pretty good results with that technique.

Finally Steve (The Stein Man) Steiner dips into his pocket full of rainbows and scatters psychedelic pixiedust over everything to make it sparkle and shine just so. And then he dirties it all up with his stinking texture filters. STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE!

You can't see it here, but I'm shaking my fist in impotent fury.

Anyways, we're not showing you Steve's work here because it can be seen in all it's glory at

And we're really not supposed to post the finished pages anywhere else. Who dares to defy the Zudaluminati? Not us, sunshine.

So there you have it! Check in at Zuda every hour on the hour to see if a new Hammer page is up. And in the meantime, send them lots of feedback about how much you looooove The Hammer and demand that it continue until the end of time itself.

We'll see you there!



  1. Excuse me, but I'm Bat Shit Crazy, not "crazier than a shit house rat." The very suggestion. It's insulting. I mean, really. Balderdash!