Monday, August 24, 2009

Behind the Pink - the story continues


Monday Monday! Say it two times and click your bunny-hop heels together 'cause it's time for this big pink rollercoaster to kick into high gear and take it all the way home.

Yes, indeedy, we're heading for a big-time Hamtown dust-up this week over on Zuda, so strap in and get ready to rumble.

But for now, let's once more take a look back at the behind-the-scenes production of some carnage that were.

As you may recall, it all starts with the lackadaisacal layouts:

Then moves on to the action-packed pencils:

Then splashed by the inkiest of inks:

And finally, what the hell, damn the torpedoes, cover the children's eyes and take a gander at Steve's colors in all their unlettered glory:

Enjoy the week, hammerheads. It's gonna be a bloody one...


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