Monday, October 12, 2009

Li'l Hammer

Hooah Hammerheads!

We went away but now we're baaaaaack....

That trusty madman Gentleman Gabe Ostley went ahead and scratched out a whole epic prequel to The Hammer saga in the course of a single rotation of the earth around the sun - the fruits of 24 hour comic day.

So we badgered Steve "He-Who-Creates-Time-Out-Of-Dust-Bunnies-And-The-Salt-Left-At-The-Bottom-Of-The-Pretzel-Bag" Steiner into slapping a splash of color on there (he apparently can do this just by giving the pages a stern glare) and wah-lah - 24 pages of sweet pink hilarity.

We'll post a page a day here on the ol' Hammerblog just so we can draw out the agony as long as humanly possible.

So without further yackadoodle, we give you...

Li'l Calvin School

Check back tomorry for part the second!



  1. Almost all of the gags in the coming pages (well all the funny ones anyway) are written by Sam and a couple by Steve. I asked these rapscallions to send me some suggestions thru email which I then opened and printed out and mixed in when the 24 hour clock started. Rob was too busy being literary with Joyce, so he's got to do next years! ;)