Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fist of the Kung Fu Monkey Star

Good day you Dang Dirty Apes! Here are some more facts brought to light in The Book of Monkeyface:

-Kung Fu Monkeyface is being laid out and pencilled right now. Many pages are already finished.

-Kung Fu Monkeyface is planned to be about 180 pages.

-The Monkeymen are waiting to hear back from certain publishers, and they are hoping to hear back soon. Oh how they wait! Nary a fingernail in sight!

-Even if Kung Fu Monkeyface isn't picked up by a publisher, the story will be continued and you will be able to read it right here. The launch date and update schedule is still being ironed out.

Well, that's about all we can say right now. So what can YOU do while we all throw banannas at the clock? How about sending us some Monkey flavored artwork that we can post right here! You can send it on to Kiii-yaaah!

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