Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And then there was one.

So there you have it, monkeylovers - Kung Fu Monkeyface Book One in it's ever-loving entirety.

Hope you dug it! We sure dug making it. But now, alas, we've come to another crossroads on the path what is dark. Pencilmaster Gabe Ostley is busting out of the monkeyhouse to move on to bigger and better things. Be sure to check out what he's getting up to over at: oddkredenzas

Big ups to to Mr. Ostley for a damn fine tenure as head chimp wrangler here at Monkeycentral. Give the man a round of virtual applause, whydoncha?

So what now, you might mutter? What about Book Two? Is this the end of the Monkeybunnyüberblog?

The simple answer is: aw hellz nah!

I'm having way too much fun in the monkeybarrel to stop now. So I'll be soldiering on all by my lonesome. From here on out the monkey and the hurdy-gurdy man are merging into a one-man-monkey band. I've got some big old monkeyfeet to fill and there'll no doubt be some thumps and bumps along the way, but hopefully we'll get to where we're going with the happyfuntimes intact.

So huddle up, grab your bananas and get ready for KFM Book Two starting this Sunday.

Here's a little preview of things to come:

Last Monkeyman Standing, signing off!

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