Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kung Fu Monkeyface page 1


Greetings Monkeyshiners!

Today's the day we kick off the long-awaited Kung Fu Monkeyface comic. Yippee!

So here's the skinny - Monkeyface is the brain baby of me (Sam Little) and him (Gabe Ostley) with a little help from our friend in bunnies Steve Steiner. The plan is to trundle along with our little simian story with once weekly updates right here on the ol' Hammer blog that was. This is kind of an experiment for me and Gabe - doing it mostly for the sheer fun of it and to see if we can manage to churn out an actual graphic novel together when all is said and done. We're gonna be posting KFM as a work in progress and let things evolve as we go along. Steve the stein stein stein steinmeister is only with us for the first eight pages unfortunately (sometimes life just gets in the way) so we may bring in some additional artists and colorists. Or we may just color the pages ourselves. Or post the uncolored pencils for awhile. Or pretty much do whatever we durn well please. That's just how the Monkeymen roll.

At any rate, we're in this to amuse ourselves and have a grand old time. Hopefully we'll infect a few followers with our good humor along the way and end up with a satisfying tale of monkeys, maidens and kick ass kung fu at the end of the road.

The plan's to post a new page each and every sunday, right here on the blog as well as over on Untrue Tales. We'll probably post some sketches and behind the scenes stuff in between as well as time allows.The Monkey may even pop up in a few other places eventually. You'll hear it here first.

So without further ado - here's page one of KUNG FU MONKEYFACE!




  1. I love you guys - but not physically!

  2. "Wait! Where are you going?... I was going to make espresso!"

  3. Awesome and exciting! Yay for Kung Fu Monkeyface!

  4. mpd57-- that line was from 'young frankenstein'. i try to find as many excuses to quote that movie as possible. :)
    james-- glad to have you with on the ride! it's going to be monkeylicious!