Sunday, July 18, 2010

Return of the Pink

It's a good day for rabbits.

As you might have noticed we've rejiggered the site a bit to accomodate the impending resurgence of a certain angry pink bunny.

That's right, Hammerheads.
School is back in session.

If you've been keeping your ear close to the internet, you'll have noticed that although Zuda-that-was is no more, a lot of our fine friends and favorite comics have been re-emerging as part of the overall DC comics digital umbrella over at the Comixology site. A few of the old favorites are already up and word's come down from on high that The Hammer will soon be joining them.

Details are still sketchy, but for starters it'll be a relaunch of the initial Hammer tale. If enough bunnylovers download the darn thing then I guess there's a chance for more hops down the bunny trail with ol' Calvin after that. Time will tell. So tell your friends! And keep an eye on the MonkeyBunnyUberblog for breaking news.

In the meantime - take a gander at some of the classic Zuda titles already available at Comixology here.