Friday, February 18, 2011

Behind the Monkey


Good friday, Monkeylovers!

It's time for another peek... BEHIND THE MONKEY!

That's right, it's that exciting portion of the Monkeybunnyüberblog experience where we take a peek under the skirts of the Monkeymen and see if they really go commando.

Let's breakdown the process of page 30, shall we?


Page 30

Panel 1

Long panel, long shot. Monkeyface walks down the sidewalk. There are a few other pedestrians. The pack of about a dozen Ninjas spin and cartwheel over the rooftops and fire escapes of the neighborhood brownstones, trailing their prey.

Panel 2

Close on Monkeyface as he turns a corner. Worm's eye view. Up and over MF's shoulder we can see the ninjas leaping across the buildings, still on his trail.

Panel 3

Over the shoulder shot of the ninjas on the corner of a building. Monkeyface is now walking down a deserted side street - street lamps throwing pools of light in the gloom. One of the Ninjas draws back a bow and arrow, aiming at Monkeyface.

Panel 4

An arrow whizzes toward an oblivious Monkeyface.

SFX: Fffffffft

Panel 5

At the last second, Monkeyface whirls and catches the arrow in his fist.

Panel 6

Angle on the ninjas, all of them pulling back their bowstrings.


PENCILS (and gray tones):

And there you have it! The final version with colors (well, one color) is just a few posts below).

That's it for this edition of BEHIND THE MONKEY!
Join us next time, whenever we get around to doing it again!

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