Thursday, February 3, 2011

Return of the Fiddy


Howdy Hammerfans! Long time no Hammerobilia!

But that's all about to change next Wednesday when the Monkeybunnyüberblog will present page one of a special 10 or so page pre-Hammer prequel:

A Tale of Two Fiddys

We've been kicking this thing around for awhile. The script was a leftover from the old Halcyon Hammer days and we were gonna use it as a bit of filler to give the Hammerfans something to chew on between Seasons. First Rob was gonna draw it. Then Gabe was gonna draw it. Then The Hammer didn't get picked up, Zuda collapsed, and everyone just sort of forgot about the darn thing.

So then I (that's Sam Little to you) decided to dust it off and see what I could do with it for old time's sake. The result is kind of a hodgepodge of sketches that I cobbled together while lying around on the beach drinking beer. And it probably shows. But I'm pretty pleased with it all in all.

So check in next Wednesday, and nine Wednesdays thereafter, for a reunion with our pal Buck Fiddy as he waxes nostalgic about Big Daddy Tree.

Hammerheads out!

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