Friday, February 25, 2011

From the Ape Archive

Ah, Friday! Can't ya just smell the bananas?

Today we dive in the ape archives to present an alternate version of page 15.

Now you might say, "Why, that looks supercool as is! Why fix it if it ain't broke?"

To which I would reply "Because I can."

You see, young Gabe Ostley draws whatever I tell him to. He simply can't help it. He is compelled. So on occasion I enjoy making him redraw perfectly good pages just for heehaws and jollies. And he totally does it! It's nuts!


Nah. It was really kind of a timing thing. The page needed to denote something of a transition from one scene to the next, and with Monkeyface looking back over his shoulder he seemed to be a little bit too "in the moment" to indicate the transition we were looking for.

See, now wasn't the first explanation more fun?

Have a grand weekend, Monkeylovers!


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