Monday, February 9, 2009

The Hammer at the New York Comicon

Whew! Back at last from a whirlwind trip to New York city. Team Hammer all met face to face for the first time and happily discovered that we actually like eachother. We were also fortunate enough to meet a whole passel of Zuda pros, all of whom were incredibly funny, cool and generous toward a bunch of newbies trying to hammer there way in.
Not least, all the comic fans we pestered with Hammerobilia and electioneering were friendly and enthusiastic and happy to listen to us natter on about angry pink bunny comics.

We spent the weekend shmoozing and handing out Hammer postcards and buttons to all comers.

Our buddy, John Jezior, even made an absolutely awesome Hammer action figure that we dragged around for photo opportunities.

Calvin and Bobby Timony of Night Owls fame!

Calvin meets Rorschack!

Calvin's own cuddly color-guy Steve Steiner!

Calvin and Princess Leia!

You can check out more photos and stuff over at The Hammer Facebook page.

Thanks to everybody we met and talked with. You all made our Comicon experience a great one.

Keep checking the blog for more behind the scenes Hammer stuff. We've got lots more goodies coming your way.


  1. man... why couldn't Princess Leia be holding ME?

  2. I love the Zuda suspects, great stuff!