Sunday, February 15, 2009

Evolution of The Hammer - Part 3


Ah, the weekend!

Late sleeps, lazy days, late nights. What's not to love? Here I am chock full of eggs and bacon and ready to relate the final chapter in Hamolution.

Allow me to present the never-before-seen first-ever sketch of The Hammer:

As you might have noticed, ol' Calvin is decidedly less pink and fluffy than in his final incarnation.

You see, I had written a script and drawn up some rough layouts for a hardboiled Sin City riff where a guy hits things with a Hammer. It was gonna be 8 pages in and that's it. Just shits and giggles. Something to have fun and be done with.

But then, a gang of us from the Zuda boards were comparing projects and kicking around ideas, and Gabe Ostley piped in with "The Hammer is great! Keep everything just as it is but make Calvin a big pink bunny."

At this point I fell to my knees, shook my fists at the heavens and screamed "Noooooooo!" while the harsh rain poured down from above. I was against the idea. Make my two-fisted ass-kicking noir anti-hero a pink bunny? Perish the thought.

But it wouldn't perish, damn it. That damn pink bunny had clawed and bit it's way into my brain with big buck-toothed abandon.

So I did up a couple of hardboiled bunny sketches.

I even bought a little plastic bunny figurine to try and wrap my head around it. But it just wasn't clicking. Angry pink bunnies are outside my artistic wheelhouse.

So I says to Gabe" Hey man, you wanna draw The Hammer?"
And Gabe says "I thought you'd never ask."

The music swelled and we swept eachother up in a manly embrace and....

Wait. Scratch that last part.

So Gabe went to work knocking out a design for a bunnified Calvin School. Sketches upon sketches.

Until finally....

The Hammer emerged.

Next: And Lo, There Came an Inker!

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