Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Hammisher



The time she is flying!

So what have we got for ya today?

How about a little John Romita Jr. homage that Gabe whipped up:

Yes indeedy! Here in Hamtown we wear our influences on our dirty green sleeves.


  1. The Hammisher was a nice one, but how about the Bunnisher?

    This is why I love this comic and the way you guys pay attention to detail. Look at Calvin's face, the gun, then you have the still lit cigarette flying from his mouth, and of course the wonderful "#1 on Zuda". I am not worthy to gaze upon this. *Bows Down*

  2. Aw Joe, you're too kind! Not worthy? I'm not sure WE'RE worthy to have such rabid fans! Thanks, dude!

    p.s. The Bunnisher! Dang, I shoulda thoughta that...