Friday, February 20, 2009

Hammer Homages


Friday! The best day of the whole darn week!

Here we are closing out Week 3 of the competition and Team Hammer's fingernails are bitten to the quick. Oh, the agony! Aaargh, the suspense!

But jagged fingernails can't stop the art!

Since we enjoy stealing, a couple more homages from Gabe and Sam:

And from Rob:

Yeah, yeah, I know you've probably already seen this one, but it fits with my Homage theme, so there.

Bonus Quiz: Name the movies The Hammer is homaging and win the satisfaction of being a smarty-pants!

Plus, loyal Hammerhead Joe has been plugging the Hammer on his blog 'Cause I'm Bored, and he was keen enough to do up a couple Hammer homages of his own:

Somebody had to go there!

The Anvil, eh? Now there's an idea...

Thanks, Joe!

Have a good weekend, Hammerheads!

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