Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Steiner Stuff


Howdy, troops!

Had a couple more Steve Steiner cartoons in a hip pocket for a rainy day.

What better way to brighten up a Tuesday in February than a bit of bunny-action Steiner Style?


  1. Great job, I love everybody's unique art style. To me, it keeps The Hammer interesting to see in multiple techniques. I was actually really bored at work today so I went into MS Paint and did a fairly crappy job of a possible character in the Hammer universe. I posted it on my blog, would have put it in a comment but I didn't know how to. Hope you guys like it. I will be working on it.

  2. Thanks Joe! The Anvil! That's an awesome idea, man. We'd love to post the Anvil illo. Should we just grab it off your blog or are you still workig on it?